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Mission Statement


Volunteer State Community College was established in 1970 to satisfy the educational and training needs of the urban, suburban, and rural residents of northern Middle Tennessee.  The College is a public, two-year, open-access, comprehensive community college governed by the Tennessee Board of Regents.  The institution's primary focus is on effectively providing quality education relevant to all.  The College grants associate degrees and technical certificates of credit and is committed to excellence in


        Disseminating knowledge and skills necessary in achieving lifelong goals;

        Providing undergraduate, technical, and continuing education;

        Providing community services and promoting cultural and economic development; and

        Preparing a diverse student population for successful careers, university transfer programs, and meaningful civic participation.  


Volunteer State Community College provides quality educational offerings and services in a safe, secure, and clean environment that inspires lifelong learning in pursuit of personal and professional goals.   The College provides and promotes innovative learning systems to respond to the ever-changing needs and interests of a diverse and dynamic community and developing workforce.  Volunteer State maintains articulation, collaboration, and partnerships with educational entities, business and industry, and other agencies to enhance student learning.  The College supports equal opportunities, rights, access, and treatment of students, faculty, and staff.  Through a mutual, cohesive working environment, Volunteer State fosters the enhancement of teaching and learning through the professional development of its faculty and staff and other educators to achieve institutional and academic excellence.


Volunteer State encourages students to think critically and creatively, communicate clearly, to develop leadership and ethical standards, and compete effectively in the global community.  This is achieved through a responsive curriculum, effective student and institutional support services, and a strong community partnership.  The College enables the community to access education and training by offering instruction at multiple sites, on flexible schedules, and through technological delivery systems.  The institution is committed to institutional effectiveness and broad-based planning in order to ensure accountability to all constituents of the College and the community.

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