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Enrollment Team, Survey Team, Facilities Team, Articulation Team

Survey Team

Mickey Hall (Liaison)
Monique Wright (Liaison)
Vicki Statton
Carma Lyles
Lynda Vincent



  1. To identify and assess survey instruments currently in use in the college;
  2. To identify the use and effectiveness of survey results among units in the college;
  3. To identify unmet survey needs among college units;
  4. To make recommendations concerning procedures for creating, testing, and administering surveys, including, if appropriate, the centralization of a survey process;
  5. To compile a brief, concise summary report for the Executive Council;
  6. To support units in the creation, administration, analysis and use of survey instruments and information;
  7. Other activities as identified and agreed upon by the Team.

Related Strategic Goals:

Goal I.           The College will ensure academic excellence and institutional quality.

Objective 1      Improve College-wide access to institutional data to provide decision-makers with critical information from which to manage.

Objective 2      Refine the institutional effectiveness process and develop systematic measures of assessment for improvement.


Commitment of Team Members:

            One year with possible renewal.  Items #1 5 in the Purpose statement will most likely be completed in the 2001/2002 academic year.  If the Team recognizes a need to continue working, either to initiate a process for accomplishing #6 or for reasons which cannot be predicted in advance, arrangements for the team to continue will be made at an appropriate time.

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