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Enrollment Team, Survey Team, Facilities Team, Articulation Team

 Purpose of Strategic Planning Teams

Staff, faculty and administrators from across campus are being asked to serve on various Strategic Planning Teams.  This process is part of a broad-based effort to monitor how effectively the College is meeting the goals and objectives listed in the VSCC Five-Year Strategic Plan.  Teams made up of personnel from all areas of the college will report directly to the Executive Council and are charged to work with existing college committees and offices to

  1. identify major units, committees, and processes involved in achieving the goal and objectives;
  2. identify fiscal and human resources required to attain the goal and objectives;
  3. review the current level of attainment of the goals and objectives;
  4. make appropriate recommendations to the Executive Council;
  5. assist in educating the campus community about the goals and objectives.


The Strategic Planning Teams are the result of efforts by the Executive Council to ensure appropriate achievement of the Collegeís Strategic Goals and Objectives.  The Executive Council is the primary planning body of the college, and the strategic plan is its most important planning document.  These teams are not meant in any way to replace or compete with existing committees or institutional offices; rather, they are meant to facilitate the achievement of the Collegeís Five-Year Strategic Plan.  All major offices and committees involved in achieving the various goals and objectives outlined in the Strategic Plan will be kept apprised of the related teamsí activities.  The length of each teamís charge will vary according to the complexity of the goal or objective they are monitoring.

Enrollment Team, Survey Team, Facilities Team, Articulation Team


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