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Enrollment Team, Survey Team, Facilities Team, Articulation Team

Facilities Team

Ann Whiteside (Liaison)
Mike Love
Clarence Dobbins
Vicki Comer
Betty Brown
Danny Gibbs
Terry Heinen Team Leader
Tom Stratton
Ann Kerrigan
Claire Hampton
Sharon Mitchell



  1. To identify and assess existing facilities policies and procedures;
  2. To identify and suggest appropriate assessments of the Facilities Maintenance Plan;
  3. To identify external standards to be followed including OSHA, TOSHA, ADA, etc.;
  4. To identify existing internal facilities standards and methods of evaluating these standards;
  5. To provide coordination among all facilities entities in identifying methods of assessing the adequacy of the facilities and parties to be involved in the assessments;
  6. To prepare a summary report with possible recommendations to the Executive Council;
  7. Other activities as identified by the team and recommended to the Executive Council.

Related Strategic Goals:

Goal II           The College will improve its image with all constituents.

Objective 1    Strengthen the public image of the College


Goal IX          The College will enhance services that will afford a safe, clean and secure campus

Objective 1    Refine the facilities maintenance plan to address the beautification and proper upkeep of on and off campus facilities

 Objective 2     Develop facility standards for all locations


Commitment of Team Members:

One to two year commitment.  Time will be required to assess current processes utilized and, if necessary, develop minimum facility requirements to be used for on and off campus locations.

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