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Enrollment Team, Survey Team, Facilities Team, Articulation Team

Enrollment Team

Jim Hiett (Liaison)
David Johnson
David Hefner
Teresa Brown
Mulloy Robertson
Tim Amyx
Samara Massey
Kathy Sowell
Janet Norman
Louise Stephens



  1. To study enrollment plans of other similar institutions and recommend a model or models for a VSCC comprehensive enrollment plan;

  2. To study the relationship between enrollment, marketing, recruitment, retention, and articulation in order to define the work of this team;

  3. To define “academically talented students” and identify those students in order to establish a baseline;

  4. To examine the baseline (Fall 1999) enrollment data and trends related to non-traditional, traditional, and academically talented students;

  5. To prepare a brief, concise, summary report for the Executive Council;

  6. To determine and recommend other appropriate activities of the team to the Executive Council.

 Related Strategic Goals:

Goal VII         The College will ensure equal opportunity, rights, access and

                      treatment of all individuals.

Objective 2    Develop and implement a student recruitment plan.


Goal XII         The College will develop and implement initiatives to increase

                      enrollment by at least 4% over the next five years.

Objective 1    Increase enrollments by targeting specific populations.

- By 2005:  5% increase in non-traditional students (25 years of age and older) enrollment.   

- 5% increase in number of traditional age students (17 to 24

years of age) enrollment.

- Increase number of academically talented students enrolling

by 5 per year.

 Commitment of Team Members:

One academic year with possible renewal.  In the first year, preparation will be made for the development of a comprehensive enrollment plan.  The development of that plan could be undertaken by the team or developed with the team’s assistance in subsequent years.

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