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Articulation Team


Tim Amyx
Noel Poston
Judy Schuelke
Edmon Thomas
Kathy Leeman


1.      To define "articulation" for College purposes;

2.      To identify the types of formal articulation in which the College engages;

3.      To identify the goals of each type of articulation;

4.      To offer recommendations which might increase the effectiveness of articulation;

5.      To recommend a method or process whereby the effectiveness of articulation may be measured;

6.      To prepare a summary report for the Executive Council;

7.      To determine and recommend other appropriate activities of the team to the Executive Council.


Related Strategic Goals:

Goal I          The College will ensure academic excellence and institutional quality.

Objective 4      Enhance efforts to ensure quality of all academic programs.


Goal VI            The College will ensure access to programs and services.

Objective 1      Increase articulation with public and private institutions.


Goal X             The College will design and implement workforce development initiatives that strengthen relationships with business and provide training for a diverse and developing workforce.

Objective 1      Evaluate, strengthen and increase the number of business and industry relationships in the service area.


Commitment of Team Members:

One academic year with possible renewal.  

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