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2003-2004 Institutional Effectiveness Plans

Social Science and Education

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Related College Strategic Goal & Objective

Objective(Please number each objective and provide a detailed description)

Measurable Outcome Directly Related to the Objective

Expected Cost (Budget: Adequate or Increase $______)

Steps for Assessing Outcomes for each Objective

Goal 1

Objective 4

1. Improve student success on measures of attainment of core academic competency.

The Sociology/ Psychology Department will develop a database of graduates from the depart-ment’s programs and a meth- odolgy for contacting them re: their academic progress at Vol State and their subsequent job placement


Invite identified graduates to come to campus for significant interaction with current students.





Plan and pilot a mentoring program in which current students will “shadow” graduates.










































Department faculty will complete the development of the database of department graduates working in their chosen field by end of Fall 2003.


Department will plan (with the collaboration of Student Services) an activity to bring successful graduates and currently enrolled students together on-campus to discuss majors, careers, and other aspects of the fields.  By early Spring 2004.











A “Student Success and Career Development Forum” will be held for current students and involving a number of successful graduates who are now working in various postions in the fields of human services, sociology, and psychology; Spring 2004.  Evaluations will include measures of current student’s increased understanding and interest in the fields presented.


Through the forum, identify students and graduates who might be paired in a shadowing and mentoring process.  Conduct at least one trial by end of Summer 2004. 


Evaulate entire process as to its value added to the quality of our program.

Goal 1

Object. 4

Goal VI

Object. 2

Goal V

Object. 2

2. Expand the use of technology-based supports for learning.







3. Improve communica- tion with our external constituents.

The Division will ensure that all course syllabi are available on the Division web page each semester.



The History, Economics and Political Science Department will conduct several activities designed to improve the quality of the educational experience for our students and to enhance our linkage with the community.













Offer lecture series on campus


Continue department Roundtable book discussion meetings.


Host Geo Bee


Provide support for the Tenn Conference of Historians meeting a Fisk U.


Provide speakers for community events as requested


All faculty, full-time and adjunct, will submit their syllabus in electronic form to the Division prior to the beginning of the semester.  The Division webmaster will put the syllabi on the web page.

100% of Division syllabi will be on the web page. Spring 2004.





Lecture series will be planned and implemented by Spring 2004.


Roundtable will meet monthly.  Books to be read named and obtained.  Through Spring 2004.




Vol State will host April 2004.


Will assist with September meeting.





Will advise Public Relations as to

availability of various faculty and topics of current interest.

Goal 1

Object. 4


4. Study and develop strategies to maintain current levels of enrollments in courses affected by the Defining Our Future initiatives.

The Health Physical Education and Recreation faculty will compile data and prepare a plan designed to maintain enrollment in Physical Education activities courses.


Data will be gathered and the impact of the removal of P.E. as a General Ed Core requirement (Fall 2004) will be projected; the level of Fall 2004 and Spring 2005 enrollment will be projected.


Strategies will be developed to maintain enrollments in courses at or above a certain percentage of previous enrollment and to improve to near previous numbers; percentages and target dates to be determined by the study.

By end of Spring 2004. 


Collaboration with various units to implement strategies will begin.  Summer 2004.


Impact will be measured in subsequent cycle.

Goal 1

Object. 4

5. Compare division General Ed course outcomes with revised core curriculum outcomes in Defining Our


Syllabi and course manuals will be revised as needed


Complete by end of Spring 2004


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