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2003-2004 Institutional Effectiveness Plans

Resource Development

Account Number:  ______2-67000___________


Related College Strategic Goal & Objective

Objective(Please number each objective and provide a detailed description)

Measurable Outcome Directly Related to the Objective

Expected Cost (Budget: Adequate or Increase $______)

Steps for Assessing Outcomes for each Objective

Goal XI

1.  Increase in private gifts

1. Annual renewable gifts will increase by at least 5% over last year.  ($330,332)


Total raised in renewable gifts will be equal to or greater than $347,000.



2. Return or investment will be equal to or greater than 3.5% on the equity portfolio


Comparison to ROI for 2002-2003.



3. Alumni definition will be determined


Definition will provide a reasonable database for contact.  Consideration will be given to graduates with the AAS and AS, technical certificates, scholarship recipients and those who have completed a specific number of credit hours.



4. Donor Recognition Policy will be fully implemented


Donors will be segmented in Raisers Edge for follow-up on specific items for completion.  Research and development for options on donor wall will be completed.



5. Gifts from Livingston area will increase


Data comparison from prior year.



6. Strategy for a “Partners in Progress” model scholarship program will be developed


Documentation and next steps will be in place to market the model in the appropriate region.


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