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2003-2004 Institutional Effectiveness Plans

President’s Office


Related College Strategic Goal & Objective

Objective(Please number each objective and provide a detailed description)

Measurable Outcome Directly Related to the Objective

Expected Cost (Budget: Adequate or Increase $______)

Steps for Assessing Outcomes for each Objective

Goal XI, 1& 2

1. Establish partnership for new Livingston Building

1. Written plan of action for Livingston Center including building and/or site identification; specification of instructional programming, two plus two programs; and student support needs by June 30, 2004.








1. Meet with TTU, and Livingston TTC to determine program matriculation initiatives and the educational components for each of the three entities.

2. Plan and conduct a meeting for politicians and other constituents in the Livingston area jointly with TTU, Livingston TTC, and VSCC.

3. Hold a town hall meeting for residents in the region including students currently attending.  Purpose is to educate the community on what VSCC could do for them, the economic impact, and to obtain suggestions from the populace.

4. Establish strong relationships with local secondary school entities including the School Board, Superintendents, PTO Boards, and others.

4. Request to be on the agenda of School Board meetings.



2. Identification of potential partnerships.


1. Work with Livingston area to determine potential partnerships.



3. Record attendance at Chamber meetings and identify materials presented.


1. Establish strong relationships with the Chamber of Commerce by attending chamber meetings and presenting information about VSCC.



4. List of revenue producing grants by June 2004


1. Research potential revenue producing grant sources.

Goal IV, 2

2. Establish a campus-wide evaluation process.

Written Evaluation process completed by June 30, 2004


1. Appoint committee to study and make recommendations and oversee the development and implementation of the evaluations.

2. Form sub-committees to review existing evaluation procedures and make modifications.

3. Identify uses of evaluation results.

4. Ensure uses of evaluation results.

5. Develop common guidelines.

Goal VI, 1

3. Develop and implement P-16 initiatives

1. Initiatives completed and councils established by June 30, 2004.



1. Establish a regional P-16 Council consisting of representation from all local school systems.

2. Conduct an inventory of existing P-16 activities including but not limited to dual enrollment, discipline collaboratives, etc.

3. Establish local P-16 Councils in Sumner, Robertson, Wilson, and Upper Cumberland counties.



2. Goal and objectives completed by Sept. 2004.


1. Develop goals and objectives for regional and local P-16 Councils.  Include measurable objectives with specific targets.

Goal VI, 1

4. Expand 2 plus 2 initiatives with TBR Universities by providing additional opportunities on the VSCC campus.

1. Academic programs  for 2 plus 2 initiatives identified by Jan 2004.




1. Sponsor meetings with the President and Academic leaders of APSU, MTSU, and TTU.

2. Identify academic programs to be included as 2 plus 2 programs by each university.



2. Program agreements identified by June 2004.


1. Develop program agreements identifying lower division requirements to be provided by VSCC and upper level courses to be provided by each university.

2. Identify potential time and room locations for university delivery of instruction.



3. Opportunities for inverted 2 plus 2 programs identified by September 2004.


1. Identify opportunities for inverted 2 plus 2 programs with each university.



4. Upper division course offerings by August 2004.


1. Offer first upper division course offerings fall 2004.


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