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2003-2004 Institutional Effectiveness Plans

Livingston Center

Account Number:  _2-10620


Related College Strategic Goal & Objective

Objective(Please number each objective and provide a detailed description)

Measurable Outcome Directly Related to the Objective

Expected Cost (Budget: Adequate or Increase ($3,500)

Steps for Assessing Outcomes for each Objective

Goal II Objective 1

Goal XII

Objective 1

1. Improve the public image of the Livingston Center.

2. Increase enrollment at the Livingston Center.

1. Selected students will be surveyed Spring 2004 re: their image of the Livingston Center.

2. Spring 2004 enrollment

(headcount) will increase by 5% over Spring 2003 at the Livingston Center.

      $ 3,500

A professionally prepared printed schedule announcing the Spring 2004 schedule at the Livingston Center will be designed, prepared, printed and mailed to the residents of the Livingston Center area, including all of Putnam, Co.

Enrollment Spring 2004 will be compared to enrollment Spring 2003 to assess gain.


All first-time Livingston Center students and a randomly selected group of student who have re-enrolled at the Center after an absence of at least two years will be surveyed to determine the effect of the mailed schedule.  Attention will be paid to improvement of public impression of the Center and its offerings.


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