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2003-2004 Institutional Effectiveness Plans

Distance Learning

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Strategic Goal &



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Directly Related to the Objective

Expected Cost (Budget: Adequate or Increase $______)

Steps for Assessing Outcomes for each Objective


Increase Distance Learning Enrollment

1% increase in enrollment for 03-04


1. Contact students previously enrolled in distance learning courses through letters, e-mail, etc, encouraging them to re-enroll.

2. Promote RODP courses.

3. Analysis of Enrollment Reports

(monitored continuously during registration periods)


Work with each academic division to establish degree plans via Distance Learning

Plan from each academic division to establish a distance learning degree program complete by June 30, 2004.







1. Review current degree plans based on new 60 hr plans and gen. ed. core modifications

2. Comparison with currently offered DL courses and under development DL courses.

3. Work with each division to establish a plan to develop the remainder of courses required to complete a degree program into some type of DL technology.

3. Graduation analysis by Inst. Research.



Expand DL technology modes

Expansion of WebCT training by 5%.














1. Publish WebCT training sessions to all faculty.

2. Monitor training sessions, enrollees and requests for training.

3. At least 1 RODP session per semester.

4. Continue WebCT 101 and 102 series

5. Continue to provide information about and enforcement of DL standards to faculty.


Improvement of VSCC DL website



80-90% of orientation web postings will be on VSCC DL website by June 30, 2004.


1. Review for ADA and other standards in conjunction with VSCC webmaster.

2. Work with deans and faculty teaching DL courses to facilitate the posting of orientations on web.

3. Achieve 80-90% completion of online orientation web postings on VSCC DL website (comparison of postings to DL offerings)


Develop a recognition award for exemplary DL course and/or instructor

Criteria and selection procedures will be completed by June 30, 2004


1. Present concept to DL committee

2. Upon approval, establish subcommittee

3. Research criteria and selection standards

4. Submit for committee approval

5. If approved submit for VPAA concurrence and approval

6. College establishment for 2004-05 year w/ possible monetary award and budget implications



Establish Gallatin Ch 19 programming

4 hour per day programming on the air by Spring 2004.


1. Work with Media Services in development of new locally based programming

2. Assist with Cable Tech. Cert. initiative.

3. By Spring semester 2004 begin 6 hr. per day programming

4. Evaluate programming.


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