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2003-2004 Institutional Effectiveness Plans

Department of Communication

Account Number:  2-10125

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Strategic Goal &



(Please number each objective and provide a detailed description)



Directly Related to the Objective

Expected Cost (Budget: Adequate or Increase $______)

Steps for Assessing Outcomes for each Objective

I (4)

1.  Revise Course Manuals for COM 100 and 103

Course manuals will be revised by Dec. 2003


1. Create a committee for each course to work on revision.

2. Update manuals to reflect student outcomes, sample tests, syllabi, etc., and demonstrate outcomes were met by appropriate content.

3. Distribute manuals to all COM faculty.

4. Implement in-service activity to increase utilization of manual.

5. Evaluate effectiveness of manuals on teaching to ensure all sections are consistent.

I (4)

2.  Develop Service Learning Component in COM 103

Service Learning Component will be added to 2 sections of COM 103 in Fall 2003 and 2 sections in Spring 2004.



1. Measure increase in student knowledge of community organizations based on speech content.

2. Measure increase in studentís oral communication competency based on speeches/exam grades.

3. Department faculty will meet to decide whether to expand service learning component to include all sections.

4. Department faculty will evaluate current component to determine if changes need to be made and revise accordingly.


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