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2003-2004 Institutional Effectiveness Plans

Business and Finance

Account Number:  _2-60010_


Related College Strategic Goal &Objective

Objective (Please number each objective and provide a detailed description)

Measurable Outcome Directly Related to the Objective

Expected Cost (Budget: Adequate or Increase $______)

Steps for Assessing Outcomes for each Objective

Goal IX.

1.  Implement a program to better manage and dispose of surplus property resulting in decreased storage of surplus property and better utilization of space.



1.   Research feasibly of using on-line auction to dispose of surplus property

2.    If determined to be a viable option for disposing of surplus property, pilot the program.  Will be done by 12/31/03.


3.    Develop procedures for campus personnel to follow when disposing of surplus property on-line.  Will be completed by 3/31/03.


4.   Surplus property will be disposed of within 90 days of being declared surplus.



1. Business and Finance staff will review TBR policy to determine if allowable and document.


2. Business and Finance staff will conduct three on-line auctions to determine any problems with the on-line auction process.  Results will be documented.


3.    If successful, VSCC policy regarding surplus property will be revised.  Business and Finance staff will review to see that policy was properly revised.


1.                   Property declared surplus on surplus property forms will be monitored to determine if disposed of within 90 days.

Goal V.

1.       Update VSCC Business and Finance  policies.

1.   Review all TBR Business Policies and Guidelines.  To be completed by 4/30/03.


2. Review and  update corresponding VSCC policy.  To be finished by 4/30/04.


3. Review and update remaining VSCC Business Policies.  To be finished by 6/30/04.


1.       Establish inventory of TBR Business Policies and Guidelines in a spreadsheet and record date each policy or guideline is reviewed.

2.       Establish inventory of VSCC Business Policies in a spreadsheet and record date each policy or guideline is reviewed/updated.

Goal V.

1.  On-line college policy and procedure manual.

1.  All college policies and procedures in college policy manual will be on-line by 6/30/04.


1.       Determine technical procedures for putting policies and procedures on-line.


2.   Following the appropriate technical procedures, put all policies and procedures on-line.

Goal V.

1.  Fully implement the recommendations made in the Returned Mail Survey Analysis


2.  Develop and implement ways to remind students to keep their addresses current in their college records


Written policy of handling of returned mail.


For Objective 1:

1.      Develop a campus-wide procedure for sending student mailings and processing returned mail.

2.      Establish a policy to governor procedures of returned mail handling.

3.      The policy will include but not be limited to using SIS Plus as the source for student addresses, forwarding all returned student mail envelopes to the Office of Records and using local addresses from SIS for student mailings.

4.      Establish baseline cost information by tracking the number of returned mailings until such time as the policy is implemented.  Tracking will include the cost of the original mailing and returned mail charge.


For Objective 2:

1.      Develop procedures to have instructors announce in their classes that students should be sure their addresses in their student records are current, and if not, update them in the Office of Records.

2.      Explore the possibility of emailing students periodically asking them to check their addresses in their student records and update them in the Office of Records.

3.      Develop a prompt reminding students to update their addresses in their student records when they log into the web information and registration system, and/or their student email accounts.

4.      Full implementation of actions identified to maintain accurate student addresses.


Goal IV. Objective  1

1.       Full implementation of promotion raises

2.       Identification of funds available to apply to compensation plan that will move VSCC salaries toward the TBR 2 year average.

1.       Identify approximately $80,000 to fund promotions.

2.       Identify approximately $100,000 to fund a portion of the salary plan recommenda-tions.


1.                   Review additional revenue sources that could be allocated to salary issues.

2.                   Review expenditure reductions that could be allocated to salary issues.

3.      Determine college priorities in lieu of impending state appropriation reductions.

4.                   Implement salary improvements as dictated by funding availability and TBR policy.

Goal 1 Objective 1

1.    Monitor performance measure on the TBR Report Card related to annual state dollars per full-time student.

1.  Chart of the institutions performance regarding this measure for the past five years and for future years.


1.       Determine if data is available from the TBR for the past five years.

2.       Chart data and determine trends.

3.       Monitor progress toward getting closer to two year average.

4.      Develop any recommendations for improvement.


Goal IX

1.  Conserve energy to reduce utility costs.

1. Written plan that identify and implement energy conservation measures.


1.      In conjunction with maintenance, identify measures that can be taken on campus to conserve energy.

2.       Determine cost and feasibly of implementing the measures.

3.       Use outside consultant to identify other measures that can be taken to conserve energy and costs.

4.       Determine cost and feasibility of implementing the measures.


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