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Strategic Goals for 2000-2005

Goal I:

The College will ensure academic excellence and institutional quality.

Goal II:

The College will improve its image with all constituents.

Goal III:

The College will create a more conducive climate for productive teaching, learning, work and community participation.

Goal IV:

The College will provide and support competitive compensation for all employees, as well as, enhance opportunities for professional development.

Goal V:

The College will improve internal and external communication.

Goal VI:

The College will assure access to programs and services.

Goal VII:

The College will ensure equal opportunity rights, access and treatment of all individuals.

Goal VIII:

The College will create an atmosphere which promotes awareness and sensitivity of cultural and gender differences.

Goal IX:

The College will enhance services that will afford a safe, clean and secure campus.

Goal X:

The College will design and implement workforce development initiatives that strengthen relationships with business and industry and provide training for a diverse community and developing workforce.

Goal XI:

The College will increase contributions from private sources and pursue external grant funding.

Goal XII:

The College will develop and implement initiatives to increase enrollment by 4% over the next five years.

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