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2002-2003 Institutional Effectiveness Plans

Social Science and Education

Account Number: 2-10200


Strategic Goal

Unit Objective

Expected Results



Expected Cost (Budget: Adequate or Increase $______)

Primary Quality Indicator from TBR Performance Standard OR Other Measure & Activities for Assessment

I . A

Enhance the preparedness of our education students by adding the use of computers in developing their professional portfolio

It is expected that our students will be able to develop the portfolio – a requirement in our transfer institutions



Dean and Department head will review the implementation of this requirement at our on and off campus sites.


Improve articulation rate of transfer of Social Science and Education courses to other institutions


95% of the general education core courses listed in Social Science and Education will transfer to other TBR schools.



Dean, Department Heads, and Faculty will annually review articulation agreements and work with the other TBR departments to ensure that Social Science and Education student’s transition to upper division schools is as seamless as possible.



To provide money for transportation and gas for VSCC van for student field trips.

Students being at the local historical site or community will enhance the classroom experience for the students.




Evaluate success based on satisfaction of students


Improve Volunteer State’s and the Social Science and Education division link within our division and the citizens in our service area by sponsoring activities under the umbrella of the Hal R. Ramer Forum Series.  The activities include:

a.  Gallatin Bicentennial 2002 – by sponsoring speakers

     for a lecture series;

b.  Implementation of a SS & E  roundtable and

     Psychology Symposia;

c.  Implementing two (2) Personal Trainer Certification

     workshops in May and August.

a.  It is expected that the Gallatin community will benefit from our participation in the activity and continue to enhance our relationship with the Gallatin community.

b.  Fostering a relationship among faculty within our division should assist in broadening this knowledge which should enhance the learning environment in classroom activities/discussions

c.  Our continuation to implement these workshops will assist in fulfilling a need for this industry in our service area.



a. $1500.00


b. $2,000.00 ($1000. for Roundtable; $1000. for Symposia)


Evaluate success of these activities based on attendance and satisfaction of persons attending.



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