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2002-2003 Institutional Effectiveness Plans


Account Number2-40000


Related College

Strategic Goal &


Unit Objective

(Please number each Objective)

Expected Results



Expected Cost (Budget: Adequate or Increase $______)

Primary Quality Indicator from TBR Performance Standard OR Other Measure & Activities for Assessment

Goal I, Objective 4; Goal VI,

Objective 2; Goal X, Objective 1

1.  Improve the college’s and community’s information literacy.

-60% distance

education faculty and 50% distance education students will attend library instruction workshops.

-Information literacy workshops will be available for the community, including business and industry.

-Subject guides will be developed and placed on the Library’s Web page.

-Library instruction materials will be available on the Library’s Web page.

-Increase of $2500

for brochures, printing, postage

-Increase of $450

for travel to off-campus centers and sites. (4 trips to each site/center)

Learning Outcomes

TBR Assumptions I.3.k

SACS Criteria 5.1.2, 5.1.7

ACRL Standards* 5.5

ACRL Information Literacy Standards**

ACRL Guidelines for Distance Learning Library Services***


-Administer evaluations at the end of library instruction workshops.

-Analyze responses on Student/Alumni Evaluation rating of Support Services.

-Analyze the Library’s Spring Survey in the area of library instruction.



Oversight: Instruction Librarian, Distance Education Library Services Librarian, Electronic Resources Librarian in conjunction with Continuing Education and Public Relations.

Goal IX, Objective 3

2.  Improve library personnel’s knowledge of library security measures.

-100% of library personnel will attend a questions and answer session held with Security personnel.

-100% of library personnel will attend an in-house workshop on library security.


Health and Safety

SACS Criteria 6.4.3


-Administer evaluation at the end of the session and workshop.



Oversight: Public Services Coordinator in conjunction with Security.

Goal I, Objective 4; Goal IV, Objective 2

3.  Improve the effectiveness of library operations.

-Duties of library personnel will be reorganized.

-Part-time librarians will be identified and trained on reference and circulation desks tasks.

-A one-day workshop on various library-related topics will be held for library personnel.

-Increase of $4300 for part-time librarian to work one night/week and one Saturday/month because a full-time librarian’s position has been cut.


Employee Development Opportunities

SACS Criteria 5.1.6

TBR Assumptions II.2.f

ACRL Standards 2.0, 3.0, 3.4


-Develop new organizational chart.

-Develop list of part-time librarians.

-Administer evaluation of training of part-time librarians.

-Administer evaluation of the workshop.



Oversight: Dean of Library Services

Goal I, Objective 4; Goal VI, Objective 4

4.  Improve the use of technology in library operations.

-Migration of Sirsi/DRA to a new library automation product will be studied.

-Planning for the migration of Passport to Metadata Desktop, a new cataloging system interface, will occur.

-Library faculty will be trained on the use of Altiris for instruction purposes.

-New library cards will be purchased.

-Databases will be added to provide access to more resources online.

-A digital microform reader/

printer will be purchased to improve access to microforms.

-If space is available, computers will be added to the Library at Livingston to provide increased access to library resources.

-Increase of $220 for travel to TTU to attend product demonstrations.

-Increase of $5000 for new library cards.

-$5,000 for databases in requested TAF funds.

-$15,000 for digital microform reader/printer in requested TAF funds.

- $25,000 for ten computers with network printer to be located at Livingston site in requested TAF funds.

Technology Access

SACS Criteria 5.1.4

ACRL Standards 5.1, 5.3


-Attend demonstrations at TTU of various library automation products.

-Download Metadata Desktop to the cataloging computers.

-Administer the evaluation of Altiris training.

-Purchase new library cards.

-Purchase databases.

-Purchase digital microform reader/printer.





Oversight: Electronic Services Librarian, Technical Services Librarian, Instruction Librarian

*    ACRL (Association of College & Research Libraries).  “Standards for Community, Junior and Technical College Learning Resource Programs.”  (1994)

**  ACRL. “Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education.” (2000)

***ACRL Distance Learning Section.  “ACRL Guidelines for Distance Learning Library Services.” (1998, rev. 1999)


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