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2002-2003 Institutional Effectiveness Plans

English/Reading Department

Account Number2-10110, 2-18010, 2-18005


Related College

Strategic Goal &


Unit Objective

(Please number each Objective

Expected Results



Expected Cost (Budget: Adequate or Increase $______)

Primary Quality Indicator from TBR Performance Standard OR Other Measure & Activities for Assessment


1.  Revise the English 1020 CAH course

Updated version will be more consistent with in-class course


Learning Outcomes:

1.  Closer compatibility with on-campus courses (same texts, similar assignments, etc.)

2.  Increased retention rates.

3.  Improved success rate.







2.Review V01 on-line course.  Do we need this in light of RODP courses and difficulty with administration

Faculty will decide whether or not to proceed with offering this, and if so, request further training.

No cost

1.  Review attrition rates, success rates, demand for course.


3.Graffiti Wall

Faculty and students will have a central place to exchange ideas, poetry, etc.


1.  Success determined by interest and use of board.


4.  English Department Retreat







Increased awareness of classroom techniques and sharing of effective teaching methods.


Learning Outcomes:


1.Self-report of effective classroom techniques

2.  Student evaluations.

3.  Improved grades.

4.  Better retention in classes, especially 1020.







5. Bookfest in Livingston

1.Increase visibility of campus in community.

2.  Reinforce importance of reading.


Community Service:


1. Attract new students to college

2. Enhance community understanding of VSCC @ Livingston.








6.  Campus-wide Geier type workshops on ESL students in the classroom.

1.  Increased understanding of how to help ESL students in the classroom.


Learning Outcomes:

1.  Increased retention rates of ESL students in all classes. 

2.  Enhanced teacher awareness of opportunities available for ESL students.


7.  Creative writing workshop

Spring 2003.

1.  Increased visibility and service to the community.

2.  Increased recruitment

Include as special project if not funded in base budget.



1.  Number of attendees.

2.  Participant satisfaction according to evaluation.

3.  Increase ENGL majors (hopefully) and support the creation of a Creative Writing program in the English Dept.



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