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2002-2003 Institutional Effectiveness Plans

Health Services

 Account Number:  _2-58000



Strategic Goal

Unit Objective

Expected Results



Expected Cost (Budget: Adequate or Increase $______)

Primary Quality Indicator from TBR Performance Standard OR Other Measure & Activities for Assessment

Goal VI  Objective 3 & 4;

Goal IX   Objective 1 & 2












Support services to Livingston Site providing MMR shots










 Meet the Admissions requirement that all students have two MMR shots before entering VSCC

Provide MMR

Shots for 50 Livingston students


Travel to sites


















Goal IX Objectives 1 & 2

Plan with designers and layout personnel during construction phrase on campus and off sites

Continue to evaluate existing workstations and work environment

Meet Ergonomic standards with all new Construction & renovations for the purpose of injury prevention

Evaluate 60 workstations

$3,000.00 for supplies and training


Goal X

Objective 1



Increase number partnerships with public and private sectors to provide CPR training


Educate 50 additional employees in CPR and AED training



Offer to every employee

as scheduled through EMT Dept. including AED training


Budged $300.00 for supplies and handouts





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