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2002-2003 Institutional Effectiveness Plans

Student Financial Aid

 Account Number2-55000


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Strategic Goal &


Unit Objective

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Expected Results



Expected Cost (Budget: Adequate or Increase $______)

Primary Quality Indicator from TBR Performance Standard OR Other Measure & Activities for Assessment

Goal II

The College will improve its image with all constit-uents.

1.  Marketing RFP.  Determine community image of Volunteer State Community College.  Develop methods of strengthening image.

Continue to improve the public image of financial aid services offered by VSCC.


1.       Increase community awareness of the scholarship programs available at VSCC.

2.       Increase the use of public resources in order to publicize scholarship recipients. 

3.       Increase the presence of FAO staff on high school campuses.

Goal VI

The College will assure access to programs and services.

Assessing and addressing the facilities, instructional, and support service (such as services provided by student services, admissions and records, advising, etc.) needs at the Livingston Center.  Efforts should continue to provide adequate facilities at Livingston.  In addition, after facility issues are addressed emphasis will be placed on increasing and adding support services required by students.

Improve electronic services for financial aid applicants.


1.       Explore possible technology to update entrance and exit counseling for student loan applicants.

2.       Offer more financial aid forms online such as:

a.       Verification Worksheet

b.       Work-study application

c.       Worksheet ABC

Goal IV

The College will provide and support compet-itive com-pensation for all emp-loyees, as well as, enhance opportuni-ties for pro-fessional develop-ment.

1.  Continue efforts to fully fund the existing salary plan and to explore future initiatives designed to move salaries toward the TBR two-year average and/or regional labor market.  Study adjunct faculty pay and over-load pay to ascertain appropriate salary levels.  Emphasis will be placed on full implement-ation of the salary plan prior to implementing any adjust-ments in adjunct and/or overload pay.

Continue to improve employee morale and employee awareness.


1.       Continue in-house training for new programs such as front page and access. 

2.       Continue professional financial aid training for staff members as well as individual job training. 



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