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2002-2003 Institutional Effectiveness Plans

Career Placement & Cooperative Education

Account # 2-15400



Strategic Goal and Objective

Unit Objective

Expected Results



Expected Cost (Budget: Adequate or Increase $______)

Primary Quality Indicator from TBR Performance Standard OR Other Measure & Activities for Assessment


1. Increase the student access to career placement services.

At least 85% of the student body on various campuses will have access to career services.


Job Placement.  Strategic Plan. Students will have wide access of career services through a career center to be located in the Annex, weekly bulletin board postings, monthly career related articles published in the student newspaper, internet job postings, reference materials in the library and a resume center.  Activities will be assessed by measuring the influx of students that log into the office for information, counseling, and other career services needs, in comparison to the previous year.



2. Increase the number of classroom visits regarding job readiness.

In conjunction with faculty assistance, visit at least 15 classes per semester to offer assistance and suggestions re: job


Job Placement.

Several seminars will be given to various classes throughout the year to discuss subjects, such as interviewing, resume writing, dressing for success, etc.  This activity will be assessed by giving students a career awareness survey.


3. Increase the career/ vocational placement rate at or above the TBR threshold.

Obtain at least a 85% career placement rate, with a baseline of 90%


Graduate Placement Rate. Performance Funding.  Surveys all to be administered to all career/vocational graduates during CBASE examinations, prior to and shortly after graduation. This information shall be compiled into a report which calculates the percentage graduates placed in fields for which they are trained to the total number of program completers.  A yearly analysis will be done to determine whether there are weak areas in career programs, in effort to rectify problems for the next year.



4. Increase the participation in Cooperative Education  Program.

Enroll at least 20-25% more students in Co-op and internship experiences per year with a base line of 15.  Place all co-op experiences under the auspices of Career Placement Office.


Job Placement.


Efforts will be made to recruit eligible students in the program through 1) send mail outs to students with at least 45 credit hours, 2) place monthly updates regarding internship/co-op openings on boards, bulletins, student newspaper, etc.


5. Assist in the “SHRIMP” Co-op process with Sumner County High Schools

Establish at least 10 high school age co-op positions in the hotel/

restaurant area



Assist the C. of  C. and Sumner County schools with this pilot.  Attain 10 successful job placements



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