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2002-2003 Institutional Effectiveness Plans

Business Office

 Account Number_2-62000_


Related College

Strategic Goal &


Unit Objective

(Please number each Objective

Expected Results



Expected Cost (Budget: Adequate or Increase $______)

Primary Quality Indicator from TBR Performance Standard OR Other Measure & Activities for Assessment





1.  Expand web page for the business office.

By June 30, 2003, the business office web page should be expanded to include accounts payable information and business office policies.


No additional dollars needed.  Will require business office and academic computing time.

Business Office staff will review progress.


2.  Implement automated cash receipting system.

By June 30, 2002 business office cash receipts will be prepared using the automated system.

No additional Business Office cost other than employee time to implement.  Should increase productivity, possibly saving.



Business office staff will review status on the target date to determine if results were achieved


3. To support the professional development of business office employees through financial support to attend workshops and seminars.

One hundred percent of the business office employees will participate in professional development activities.


Both on and off campus activities will be used.


Employee development opportunities.


Records will be maintained and reviewed to determine percentage of employees that attended professional development activities.


4.  Obtain an approved federal indirect cost rate for the college.

By June 30, 2003, VSCC should have an approved indirect cost rate to apply to federal grants.

No additional cost.  Should generate additional revenue.

Receipt of approved rate.

I.1.  V.1.

5.  Evaluate student non-payment purge process.

By June 30, 2003, the non-payment purge should be evaluated to determine adequacy and efficiency of the process.  If needed, a plan for improvement will be developed.  New procedures would be implemented in the following year.

Time of committee members.

May require administrative computing assistance.



New procedures will be defined.





6. Convert accounts payable check production laser and electronic process.

By December 31, 2002, the accounts payable checks will be generated in laser check format.  Employee reimbursements will be electronically paid through direct deposit.  Select vendors will be paid electronically.

No additional costs other than employee’s time during set-up.



Business office staff will review to see if implementation has occurred.


Implement procedures to submit tax information electronically.

By December 2002, the business office will be prepared to submit tax information to the IRS and SSA electronically.

No additional cost other than current personnel time. Could save some supplies cost.

Business office staff will review to see if transmittal was successful.



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