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2002-2003 Institutional Effectiveness Plans

Academic Business Division

Account Number2-15400

Related College

Strategic Goal &


Unit Objective

(Please number each Objective

Expected Results



Expected Cost (Budget: Adequate or Increase $______)

Primary Quality Indicator from TBR Performance Standard OR Other Measure & Activities for Assessment


VI, 2

1. Pilot CIS 100 Test Out with data

Minimum of 30  successful test out  students

No additional funds needed     


Productivity, enrollment



VI, 3

2. Articulation and enrollment with 2 high school programs


Two additional completed articulation agreements

No additional funds needed



Excellent public service



V, 1, 2

3. Completed Master Schedule of unique courses       


Completed schedule for all division disciplines

No additional funds needed



Productivity , enrollment


I, 3, 4

4. Paralegal Studies exit pilot


Pilot exam completed and used for one complete class

No additional funds needed


Field testing, learning outcomes


IV, 1

5. Finalized WKU articulation


Finalized articulation agreement with Vol State course listings

No additional funds needed


Public service


I, 2

6. ABA approval for report item


ABA approval of advisory committee item

No additional funds needed


Field testing


I, 4

7. Decision on modify or eliminate GBA-QMT concentration

Decision on modification or elimination of GBA-QMT concentration

No additional funds  needed

Utilization of resources



V, 2

8. Transfer of all CAH classes to Web platform



All Division CAH classes transferred to a Web-based platform for delivery

No additional funds needed



Technology access



X, I

9. Cohort formed, 15 new LGM enrollments



15 new LGM enrollments

No additional funds needed






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