Saving Tennessee's Mother trees by injecting systemic fungicide

(Photos on April 1, 2006 by Lloyd Fly and Joe Schibig)

Joe (left) and Rex stand next to a promising new mother chestnut tree in north central Tennessee (Jackson County).  The tree stands on a 1000 ft high ridge overlooking breath-taking scenery.


A close neighbor of the chestnut pictured above unfortunately died from the blight--we hope to save the other one long enough to pollinate it and harvest at least 100 BC hybrid nuts from it.











We used Mauget microinjectors to deliver fungisol into the tree; Dr. Tattar in Massachusetts has tested this fungicide on American chestnut trees and found it to be effective against chestnut blight.











New TACF intern, Lloyd Fly, gently hammers a microinjector into a predrilled hole.

To learn about Mauget injectors go to:



Chestnut field work provides many opportunities to behold Nature's beauty.

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