Agenda for the upcoming Mar. 20, 2010 TACF regional and TN-TACF meetings:

 Southeastern Regional Meeting:

9:30 am        Welcome; Hill Craddock (UT Chattanooga), Paul Sisco (Southern Regional Meeting) and Sean Fisher (TN Chapter)

9:45 am        Phytophora: The Update and The Struggle, Dr. Joe James

10 am           American Chestnut in Today’s National Forests – Update, Barbara Crane

10:15 am      Phylogeography of North American Chestnuts and Chinquapins, Joey Shaw

10:45 am      Break    (Seed distribution to Dr. Joe James - Joe needs to leave at noon)

11 am          Alabama Chapter Report, Mac Phillippi

11:15 am      Carolinas Chapter Report, Doug Gillis

11:30 am      Georgia Chapter Report and TACF TREES data base project Report, Martin Cipollini

12 noon         Lunch

12:45 pm      Kentucky Chapter Report, Scott Freidhof

1 pm            Tennessee Chapter Report, Sean Fisher

1:15 pm        Virginia Chapter Report, Cathy Mayes

1:30 pm        School Children and Mine Reclamation with American Chestnut Trees including building biodegradable seedling containers, Barry Thacker

2 pm            Meeting Adjourns

2:15 pm        Seed Distribution to Orchard Growers (at same room)  Please bring ice cooler to safely store and transport the seed.

Hill Craddock will also bring potted one-year old nursery stock in 2-gallon containers to Holt Hall for distribution, as well.  There are some TN backcrosses and some F1s.

2:30  pm       TN Chapter Planning meeting

3:30 pm        Meeting Adjourns – tour of greenhouse weather & time permitting.


A projector and computer will be available in the meeting room for presentations.