Pollination of American chestnut trees in Tennessee in 2005

Mark Vance and Shannon Cagle zoom to the top of a fine flowering American chestnut tree in Macon County, Tennessee and apply BC pollen from TACF's Meadowview Farms while Dr. Hill Craddock (bottom left) and Rickey Brandon (bottom right) view the operation (photo by Joe Schibig on June 17, 2005).


The  team poses after pollinating the Bobby Gilliam tree in Sumner County, Tennessee.  From the left, the lady pollinators were Shannon Cagle, Jeramie Tinsley, and Lisa Worthen; On the back row  from the left, were Mack and Rickey Brandon (bucket truck operators) and Mark Vance (pollinator). (Photo by Joe Schibig on  June 18, 2005)


Hill Craddock and his two students, Shannon (left) and Lisa (right),  pose in front of a bagged mother tree in Lincoln Co. Tn.  (Photo by Clint Neel, June 2005)


Clint Neel's transplanted mother tree was a sprout languishing in an Alabama woods.  he transplanted it to his  home yard in Lincoln County, Tennessee, and after six years in its new location it  produced some female flowers and was pollinated with hybrid pollen from Meadowview, Va.


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