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Institutional Research & Effectiveness
Executive Council

Volunteer State Community College

Mission Statement:
The Executive Council serves as the chief recommending body for strategic and short-term planning of the institution. The Council operates in consultation with and under the direction of the President’s Cabinet. It is a broad-based, deliberative, consensus forming body consisting of representatives assigned to serve from each of the grand divisions of the College.

Purpose Statement:
The primary role of the Council is to:

Review the College’s mission statement for relevancy and accuracy

Address problems, deficiencies, critical opportunities of global concern

Recommend strategic and short-term goals and initiatives

Facilitate input from and communication with a broad-based campus population

Staff projects assigned by the Cabinet

Evaluate and recommend improvements to the College’s planning process

Membership of the Executive Council
Permanent Members:

Chair of Council: Vice President of Institutional Effectiveness, Research, Planning and Assessment (Liaison to Cabinet)

Faculty Council Chair

Support Staff Council Chair

Student Government Association President (ex-officio)

Settler Editor (ex-officio)

Internal Auditor (ex-officio)

General Membership:
The President and Vice Presidents will appoint the general membership of the Council. The membership will represent each grand division. Chair of Council, in coordination with the Cabinet, will periodically review membership of the Council to ensure appropriate representation from each grand division of the College.

Note: Cabinet members, with the exception of Chair of Council, do not serve on the Executive Council.

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