Schedule of Experiments for CHEM 2020 - Organic Chemistry II Laboratory

Summer 2012

Spectral Database for Organic Compounds-SDBS






Jul 5

Check In:  Safety , Electronic Lab Reports ,  Proper Balance Use, Glassware in Organic Chem


Jul 10

Microscale Reduction of Cyclohexanone


Jul 11

Recitation (NMR)


Jul 12

Microscale Oxidation Puzzle


Jul 17

Diels-Alder Reaction


Jul 18

Synthesis of Adipic Acid


Jul 19

Electrophilic Aromatic Substitution


Jul 24

Grignard Reaction


Jul 25

Grignard Reaction (Continued-Isolation and Purification)


Jul 26

Synthesis of "Fruity" Esters


Jul 31

Aldol Condensation


Aug 1

Reactions without Solvents:  A Solventless Claisen Condensation


Aug 2

Lab Final  Qualitative Analysis    (Classification Tests)     (Compound List)


Aug 7

Lab Final Continued


NotesAlthough this laboratory section of Organic Chemistry 2020 does not give separate credit, it does represent 30% of your overall grade for the course. This 30% is broken down into 25% from lab reports, and 5% from the lab final exam. You will have one 'drop lab'.  You can use this to drop your lowest grade or to replace a lab you were not able to attend.  There are no makeup labs.

Safety in the lab is of the utmost importance! You will be instructed in the safe use of all lab equipment, safety procedures, and the location of all safety equipment. You must wear safety glasses AT ALL TIMES. You are also required to wear long pants and closed shoes (no shorts, skirts, or sandals). If you are not properly attired, you will not be allowed in the lab. There is no eating or drinking allowed in the lab (don't even bring food items into the lab).

Your lab instructor will give you the schedule and protocol for submitting the final lab reports. If the lab report is not turned in on time there will be a penalty.  If the lab report is turned in one lab period late, the penalty is 25%.  If the lab report is turned in two lab periods late, the penalty is 50%.  After two lab periods, a grade of zero (0) will be assigned.

(Last updated 5/14/12)