General Chemistry Links

  Martindale's Virtual Chemistry Center   General Chemistry Online
  Chemistry Tutor
  Science is Fun (Shakhashiri)
  The World Lecture Hall of Chemistry   Los Alamos Periodic Table
  Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)   The American Chemical Society
  Cavalcade o' Chemistry   Chemistry Simulations
   Powers of Ten - a visual tour
   Dimensional analysis, Sig. Figs., and Sci
  Click-n-Spell with Elements Game    Scientific Notation, Exponents, Logs, Quadratic Eqn
  Free Flowcharting Software    About Chemistry - Chemistry 101
   Whats this Stuff?    Creative Chemistry
   Lewis Dot Structures, VSEPR, Valence Bond

Organic Chemistry Links

Laboratory Practices:
  Guide to Good Laboratory Practices
  Organic Tutorial and Animations
  Microscale Techniques
  Organic Chemistry Online by Paul Young 
  MSDS-Material Safety Data Sheets
  Reaction Summaries & Quizzes
  Mass Spectrometry
  Organic Chemistry Flash Cards 
  Producing KBr Pellets
  Newman Projections 
   NIST Library of IR, MS, and  Thermodynamic Data

   Library of IR, HNMR, CNMR, and MS Spectra

  Qualitative Analysis (Chemical and Spectroscopic)

Current Chemistry:
  Careers in Chemistry
  Pictorial Periodic Table 
  Molecule of the Month
  Interactive Periodic Table
  Okanagan Molecules
  Interactive Periodic Table II
  Recycle Codes on Plastics
  Chemistry Songs
  Martindale's Virtual Chemistry

  The Steriochemistry Game 

   Comicbook Periodic Table

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