Schedule of Experiments for CHEM 1030 Laboratory


Day of:
* June 3 *
Check-in,  Safety, Notebooks -  * THIS LAB MEETING  IS MANDATORY
June 4
Experiment [1]  -  Measurement  1 
June 5
Experiment [2]  -  Measurement  2
                  June 10
Experiment [3]  -  Temperature Measurement (Gallatin campus)     Temperature Measurement (Livingston campus)
 June 11
Experiment [4]  -  Biometrics  
June 12
Experiment [5]  -  Chemical Changes
 June 17
Experiment [6]  -  The Mole Concept                                  
 June 18
  Summer Lab break   no  labs today  
                         June 19
Experiment [7] - Experimental Design 1
 June 24
Experiment [8] - Experimental Design 2             
 June 25
 Summer Lab break   no labs today     
  June 26
Experiment [9] - Experimental Design 3
  July 1
 Experiment [10] - Amino Acids
  July 2
Checkout and Comprehensive Lab Exam

NotesAlthough this laboratory section of CHEM 1030 does not give separate credit, it does represent 30% of your overall grade for the course. Your lab grade consists of three components: 25% from your lab reports (your lowest lab report will be dropped) and from your lab quizzes (your lowest two quizzes will be dropped), 5% from a comprehensive laboratory final exam.

Safety in the lab is of the utmost importance! You will be instructed in the safe use of all lab equipment, safety procedures, and the location of all safety equipment. You must wear safety glasses AT ALL TIMES. You are also required to wear long pants and closed shoes (no shorts, skirts, or sandals). If you are not properly attired, you will not be allowed in the lab. There is no eating or drinking allowed in the lab (don't even bring food items into the lab).  In addition, yomay be required to demonstrate a basic understanding of the chemical and safety principles of a given lab by completing a lab quiz PRIOR to the lab.

You will need to keep a laboratory notebook that documents the purpose, procedure, observations and results of your lab work. You will not be allowed to use any materials other than what you have written in your notebook.

All lab reports are due at the beginning of the next lab period.  If the lab report is not turned in on time there will be a penalty.  If the lab report is turned in one lab period late, the penalty is 25%.  If the lab report is turned in two lab periods late, the penalty is 50%.  After two lab periods, a grade of zero (0) will be assigned.

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